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Rensa Avskiljarteknik AB – 

– Developer and manufacturer of food waste disposers/systems and waste water purification technology

With an extensive experience and a wide range of high-quality solutions Rensa has been invited to, and involved in, countless innovative projects where the future path of handling wastewater and food waste has been redefined. With an emphasis on sustainability and circular economy we constantly challenge ourselves and the market. You can read more about us further down this page but for now let us introduce you to some of our solutions and please feel free to reach out and we’ll do our absolutely best to make your project fly! Or float…
Rensa – Innovator and problem solver since 1993

Food Waste disposers for land and sea

We have invested a lot of time and effort to make a disposer that takes the whole chain into consideration. From the installer to the end user. So far, the feedback has been very positive. Apart from working with high quality materials and components we also deliver some unique features. For some USP:s please give the compact concept a glance (e.g the MH-90). Its our solution for removing the ad hoc wiring which has been a recurring challenge on sites. By integrating the circuit box and wiring in the disposer body we deliver our compact series plug and play. The result is a slimmer and overall better installation. We also upgraded the labyrinth safety release button. Instead of the previous solution with a screw lock that tended to wear fairly fast we instead use a quick release feature that’s both easier to use for the end clients and durable over time. The range is of course in compliance with Marpol regulations.  Read more about the Mola series here  or check out our full range by clicking the button below

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Grease-, food waste- and oil separators

It all started with grease separators back in 1993. We manufactured, installed, and even had vacuum trucks taking care of emptying and service. Throughout the years we built an extensive body of knowledge and today everything we produce and deliver, whether it’s a tank, pumping station or a disposer, has been stress tested in real life environments. We know that environment very well and needless to say it shows in everything we produce. Today we deliver a wide range of solutions for separating grease- oil and food waste. We offer tanks for installation above ground (indoors) or below ground (outdoors) and for installation in the foundation itself. And when the standard tanks don’t match the desired specifications, we can tailor make it so its suits your specific project perfectly.   



Food waste systems
Back in 2008/2009 we started to plot on an idea that would change the way we would handle food waste the coming decade and onwards. Food waste has traditionally been collected in bags and bins, a principle both logistically inefficient and heavy to handle for both kitchen staff and waste collectors.  With inspiration from the grease separator and the marine custom to use food waste disposers we started to investigate if one could handle grinded food waste the same way we handle grease, gravimetrically in a tank. Said and done we ended up with the two-tank system and later the patented combined tank for food waste and grease. The first pilot facility was set up and evaluated in collaboration with SVOA, Stockholms water and waste water manager. Since the approval, the principle has been adopted by municipalities all over Sweden and the market is growing every year. By abandoning bins and bags one can cut transportation by up to 80% and making everyday work in the kitchens easier, more efficient and more hygienic! Sounds interesting? You can read more in this brief explaining the function and set up in more detail.


Pumping Stations

When it comes to wastewater it usually only travels one way and that is downwards. On earth at least. So sometimes we’re required to help it to reach its designated destination hence we need pumps. Pumping stations come in a very broad variety and in different sizes. In addition to our standard range we regularly tailor make solutions for our clients.  We are fortunate to be collaborating with all the major players and since we are not bound to one single manufacturer, we have the luxury to handpick the best hardware for every specific application.  So regardless of medium or flow. If it needs to be pumped, we can most likely help you out!


Our objective

Our ambition is to be the leading company and the obvious partner and supplier when it comes to managing food waste and waste water. Needless to say; we work very hard to deserve that position. We are involved in several interesting pilot projects and are always keen on meeting new markets and challenges. We assist our clients from the drawing board to a finished operational plant. Today, we deliver a wide range of solutions.

Who we are

The organization was once a traditional plumbing company that developed into a one-stop-shop, delivering everything from installation to maintenance and development of food/grease separation systems. Our history is significant as it characterizes all the work we do today. Our solutions and the adaptations created for specific projects, are all derived from an extensive experience from the field; so, everything that meets the drawing board, stems from hands on experience. Today, our main objective is product innovation. We deliver robust, state of the art solutions and are frequently assigned as specialists within our domain. Our clients range from municipalities to the private sector and we keep a close dialogue with both the consultants during planning and the contractors during execution. We are a privately held company and development and design is an ongoing process, financed through generated earnings.

What we do

• Grease separators for purifying wastewater from businesses and households. • Food waste systems for collecting food waste from businesses and households. • Combined grease separators/food-waste systems for businesses and households. • Technical accessories for our range of systems solutions. Including pumping stations, emptying stations etc. • Disposers for both the private and commercial sector. • Designing and manufacturing client/project specific solutions. And here you can check out some cool things we´ve done!

Reach out

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